Kiosk Buttons

    Designed for the commercial video arcade machines, these push-button switches are ideal for kiosks and museum displays. They are built to take a lot of abuse from the public and keep on working. Imagine the amount of abuse that teenagers give to the buttons on their favorite video arcade game. These push-button switches were designed to take that abuse, and more.

    They consist of a strong nylon push button assembly with a spring inside, and a high quality industry standard micro-switch assembly snapped into the base. By keeping the actual switch separate from the part that you push, these buttons allow easy replacement of the switching component without having to disassemble the whole panel, and without the high cost normally found in heavy duty switch assemblies. Because they are based on the industry standard momentary contact micro-switch, one of the most reliable switches in the electronics industry, they can be counted on for years of service.

    They easily mount in virtually any thickness of panel. Even one inch thick wood. Simply drill a hole in the panel that is 1-1/8 inches in diameter, thread the nylon button assembly together in the hole, then snap the micro-switch onto the back and slip the wires onto the contacts. It's that simple. Replacing the micro-switch is just as simple. Simply snap the micro-switch off of the back and snap a new one in.

    These push-button assemblies are available in a wide range of colors, to match different types of installations, or to provide different colors for different functions. They are compatable with both the Network connector on our synchronizers and with our single player Special Control Cables.


   (replace xx with one of the color codes shown below)


White - WH
Black - BK
Red - RD
Green - GN
Blue - BL
Yellow - YL
Orange - OR
Purple - PU


1-24 = $25 each
25-99 = $21 each
100+ = $18 each

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