SyncStart Box


    The SyncStart box is a small metal box with a push-button switch on top and an RCA connector on the back. It is used to start a DVDplay synchronizer manually. It plugs into the Network connector on the back of a synchronizer (using the included 6 foot cable). Until recently the Network connector was an option (it is now standard) on the synchronizers, so if your synchronizer does not have one, it would have to be added in order to use the SyncStart box.

    When the SyncStart box is connected to the synchronizer, the synchronizer will cue up it's channels but does not start playing. It waits until you press the button on the SyncStart box.

    The normal Network connector can not have a cable longer than 10 feet attached to it. If you need the SyncStart box to be further away you must have the synchronizer modified by us to be able to handle long cables. Doing this will make the Network connector no longer be able to be used to expand the number of channels by connecting 2 or more synchronizers together.


SyncStart Box


$50 each
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