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AllPlay products discontinued

We have discontinued our AllPlay synchronizer products. Pioneer has discontinued all of the industrial players we controlled (see story below), so we decided to discontinue the synchronizers. The demand has been very low for the past year, so we decided it was time.

We will still help people with tech issues, but encourage you to first check our Support web page for software, cable diagrams, and other information.

Pioneer Discontinues all industrial players

Pioneer has now discontinued all of their industrial DVD players and industrial Blu-Ray players. They discontinued the BDP-V6000 Blu-Ray player in the fall of 2011. They discontinued the DVD-V5000 DVD player in 2013, and the DVD-V8000 DVD player in 2014. They join the previously discontinued players, DVD-V7200, DVD-V7300D, and DVD-V7400, as well as a few related players available only in Japan.

So at this point Pioneer does not make any industrial Blu-Ray or DVD players.

The players still show up regularly on sites such as eBay. And most of those players were well designed, and should alst a long time. So we expect to see them remain available in the used market for several years to come.

Dave Jones Design releases audio and video modules

We have changed the direction of the company away from synchronized video players, towards video and audio synthesizer modules. This is a field that we were well known in long before starting to make synchronizers, and hope to get back into it in a big way.

For more information, see our other web site: JonesVideo.com

We will also be building a new site all about video synthsesizers at VideoSynth.com

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