We have several tutorials that we feel will be of use to our customers. We especially recommend that people creating DVD discs to be used with our synchronizers read some of these.

  • Simple DVD Synchronizing - Author your DVDs to match our default synchronizer programming, and use the synchronizer straight out of the box without reprogramming it. (PDF format)
  • DVD Authoring Tips - Important reading for anybody making DVDs to use with our synchronizers (also available in PDF)
  • Frame Accurate Syncronization - There are many things that can prevent a presentaion from being exactly synchronized. Be sure you understand them all (also available in PDF)
  • Analyzing your DVDs - When your discs are already made, how do you use them with our synchronizers (also available in PDF)
  • Synchronizer Status Lights explains how to understand the LED lights on the front of the synchronizer, and how to use them to troubleshoot problems.
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