Dave Jones Design manufactures both standard and custom-built products. We also provide support services for artists and museums that are involved in electronic installation art and video art.

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Standard product lines: 

We currently makes several lines of standard products. We plan to add several new lines of standard products over the next year. Be sure to check back soon to look for new ones. 

These products are used to solve a few of the common problems involved in video and electronic art installations and trade shows. Sometimes these products are available from stock, otherwise they are made at the time of your order. Most standard products can be delivered in a week or two, though this is not always the case, so it is best to get your order in early if you have a specific deadline. Be sure to contact us for delivery times for each product.  

 Custom products: 

We will occasionally modify our products, or design and build custom products for many aspects of electronic art. Some of the custom machines we have built include: 

  • Analog image processing
  • Digital image processing
  • Computer/Sensor interfaces
  • 'Intelligent' controllers for many types of machines
  • Timecode manipulation software
  • Image re-positioners
  • Motor controllers

This is a small sample of our customized products. We design and produce many types of complex electronic hardware, software, and mechanical devices. 

For a quote on your next project call us at (607) 687-5740

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