Dealer and International Customer Information

Dealer Price Information

Our current product line is priced for direct sales only. We do not offer any discounts to dealers, distributors, system integrators, non-profit organizations, or anybody else. It is possible that at some point in the future we will do that. When we do, we will change this page to reflect that. There is no point in asking us for a discount at this time. We do not make exceptions. If we change this policy we will announce it on this page. The prices shown on our product pages, such as at the bottom of our DVDplay page, are the prices that everybody must pay.

Quantity Pricing

We offer a small discount on orders of 10 or more of the same model. It is not a large discount, and we do not make exceptions on smaller quantities.

International Sales - Europe/Australia

We do not have any dealers or distributors, including internationally, and at this time are not looking for any. We sell direct to end users only.

The DVDplay series of DVD synchronizers do not carry CE or C-tick marks for safety or EMC. Because of this they can not be sold by dealers and distributors in countries that require those marks. We have sold directly to end users in those countries because, as far as we have been told, those countries allow end users to import products that do not carry those marks if they are for the use of the importer and are not being sold on the open market in those countries. This means that museums, companies, and individuals typically can purchase our products for their own use. But dealers can not purchase them to resell them in those countries since this would put the product on the open market there, and doing so requires those standards marks.

International Ordering - All Countries

All overseas orders must be prepaid via bank-to-bank wire transfer. We do not accept credit cards on international orders.

The total amount that must arrive in our bank includes:

  • The price of the products
  • The cost of shipping
  • A US$50 fee to cover the bank fees that our bank charges us for receiving funds from non-US banks

The above fees do not include:

  • The fee your bank will charge you for wiring the money
  • Any taxes, duties, VAT, etc... that are charged by your government when importing products from overseas. You must check with your local customs department to calculate what those fees will be. The shipper (we normally use FedEx) will collect the taxes and duties from you before they will deliver the package.

Please contact us with the shipping address (including postal code) of where you want the products shipped, and we will give you a quote of the shipping costs, and give you the needed information for making the wire transfer.

After you transfer funds it is important that you contact us to tell us. It typically takes 2 or 3 days for funds to arrive here, but if you do not tell us that the money has been sent it will typically take 10 days or more before our bank notifies us. When you notify us that money has been sent, we can then check with the bank each day until they confirm that your funds have arrived. We typically ship products within 24 hours of funds arriving at our bank.

We ship orders FOB - origin: Owego, NY, USA via insured carrier. Our preferred carrier is FedEx. This means that if the package arrives physically damaged that you must immediately contact the shipping company and file a claim. The shipping company will then replace the unit or send it back for repair.

Please do not wait until the last minute to place an order. It can take up to 2 weeks for all the steps involved in international orders. We do not work on weekends, and neither do the banks, shipping companies, or the customs department at your country.

The steps involved can each take a few business days:

  • Contacting us for shipping charges and transfer information
  • Getting your company to approve the transfer
  • Going to the bank to transfer the money
  • Time for the money to transfer
  • Time for our bank to verify the transfer
  • Finish construction of the products
  • Time for shipment to arrive in your country
  • Any delays through customs in your country
  • Shipping time to get from the customs warehouse to your location

We do not have any authorized service centers overseas. Our products seldom break. If they do, you will need to return it to us in the US for repairs. You must first contact us to let us know it is being returned for repairs. Be sure to get whatever documentation is required by your government before returning it to us, so that you won't have to pay taxes and duties again when it is returned. If you want it returned to you via an express shipping method, such as FedEx, you will need to pay for that return shipping.

Please do not ask us to submit false information about the value of items we ship in order to reduce your duties and taxes. We will not do that. Our customs declarations are automatically generated and submitted electronically.

We ship our products with power cables for the US. All products have 110/220 volt selectable power supplies. You must purchase a power cable locally for your country. We use the same type of power cable that is used on most computers, with a standard IEC connector on the equipment end.

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