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  The LasrPlay is an intelligent, programmable controller made by Dave Jones Design for use with Pioneer brand industrial laserdisc players. It's function is to play a section of a Video laserdisc (or multiple laserdiscs) in a continuous loop. In systems with multiple channels of video, each channel can be programmed to start playing at the same time as the rest of the channels or be set to play in a loop by itself. This synchronization of multiple images is extremely accurate and can be used to make several channels of video look like parts of a single larger image.

  This manual describes the process of programming a LasrPlay synchronizer. A programming cable and software disk were provided with your LasrPlay and are required for programming. Replacement cables and software can be purchased from Dave Jones Design if yours were lost or damaged. You can also download the software for free from the web, as well as download instructions for making the programming cable from cheap parts available at most Radio Shack or local electronics parts stores. The programming cable is a special cable for use specifically with the DVDplay and LasrPlay synchronizers and you can not buy a pre-made one at a computer store. That store might be able to build you one from the instructions on the web though. The software and cable instructions can be found at Dave Jones Design's web site at in the "support" section.

  The LasrPlay must be programmed at least once before it is used. This can be done for you by us, or you can follow the instructions in this booklet to program it yourself. The software is currently only available for PC computers. There are programs to run under MS-DOS or Windows95/98. If you are using Windows3.x, follow the instructions for MS-DOS. You can either install the software on your hard drive or you may prefer to simply run it from the floppy disk.


In Windows95 or Windows98

  You can either install the software directly onto your desktop, or do a full installation which creates an entry in your Start menu and installs an uninstaller to remove the software later.

Installing on the desktop

  1. Insert the floppy disc containing the programming software into your floppy drive.

  2. Double-click on My Computer

  3. Double-click on 3-1/2 Floppy

  4. Double-click on the LasrSync folder.

  5. Drag the icon for LasrSync.exe over to your desktop.

Full Installation

  1. Insert the floppy disk containing the programming software into your floppy drive.

  2. Shut down all open programs, and if you have a virus protection program, disable it.

  3. Click on the taskbar's Start button, then click Run.

  4. In the window that opens, click in the text box and type in A:\Setup.exe (or B:\Setup.exe if B: is your floppy)

  5. Click OK

  6. Follow the on-screen instructions that the installer gives you. It gives you several options, but most people should simply keep clicking the Next button until it is done.

For MS-DOS, PC-DOS, or Windows3.x

  1. If you are running Windows3.x and you are simply installing the software now, you can run a DOS shell to do this. If you are planning on also using the software now then you must actually close Windows first, not run a DOS shell. To run a dos shell to install the software, double-click on the MS-DOS icon. To actually close Windows you must double-click in the box in the upper left corner of Program Manager. When it says that this will end your Windows session, click YES or OK. You should now be at a DOS prompt (like C:\WINDOWS>).

  2. Insert the floppy disk containing your LasrPlay programming software into your floppy drive.

  3. If you only have one hard drive, your prompt should now start with C:\ If you have more than one hard drive, change to the hard drive you wish to install the software on by typing in D: (or any other drive letter you wish to install the software onto) and hitting the Enter key. Your prompt should now have changed to the appropriate drive letter.

  4. Create a sub-directory to hold your software, type in MD \LASRCUST and hit the Enter key.

  5. Type in COPY A:\LASRCUST\*.* \LASRCUST and hit the Enter key (use B: if your floppy drive is B:). Your software is now installed.


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