Synchronizer Accessories

Dave Jones Design's DVDplay and LasrPlay synchronizers come with the control cables needed to connect them to the players, but there are other cables and accessories that are not supplied.

  • SyncStart Box
    • A small metal box with a push-button switch that can be used to start playback of the synchronizer manually.
  • Kiosk Button
    • A large, sturdy push-button designed for kiosks, museum shows, and other public installations. Can be used to start the synchronizers manually
  • Special Control Cables
    • These cables allow push-button switches or sensors to send single commands to a single Pioneer DVD player. Good for kiosks and single channel video installations
  • Spare Control Cable
    • Spare 15 pin male to female control cables for connecting a DVD or laserdisc synchronizer to a Pioneer player. (same as those supplied with the DVDplay and LasrPlay synchronizers)
      $15 each
  • Programming Pack
    • A synchronizer programming cable, software (PC only), and user manual. (same as those supplied with the DVDplay synchronizers)
      $35 /set

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